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Introduction to Financial Accounting Basics & Practical Accounts Concept. Preparation of day books of Cash, Purchase, Sales, Purchase Returns, Sales Returns, Bills Receivable, Bills Payable and Journal Proper. Preporation of ledgers such as General Ledger, Debtors Ledger, Creditors Ledger, Purchase Register, Sales Register, Cheque Receivable Register, Cheque Payable Register. Computation of Stock, Depreciation, Bad Debts, Provision and Reserve for Bad Debts and Discounts. Preparation of Bank Reconciliation Statement, Study and rectification of different types of accounting errors, Preparation of project report for obtaining Over Draft from banks. Preparation of Accounts of Financial Institution.

Preparation of accounts of a Trading Institution based on Tribunal and High Court Judgments. Preparation of Accounts of Non- Trading Institution. Preparation of Accounts of Manufacturing Institution Calculation of Cost Of Production, Fixation of selling Price, Preparation of Stock Registers of raw materials work in progress and finished products, Preparation of manufacturing account, Trading account profit and loss account and Balance Sheet. SSI Registration, Tax exemption – Subsidy – Industrial Loans and its procedure – filing- Classification of files – placing files in filing cabinets – Scheduling of files –indexing of files. ESI AND PF Application of KML Act and Rules in accounting to make it ‘Practical Accounting’. Application of K.M.L. act and rules and its application. GST & Practical Training on Tally ERP.

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We offer various practical & job oriented accounting programs so as to mould the candidates ready fit for the industry and ensuring Job Placement

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