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Does Online Marketing work? Can it be used effectively for all business types? Can I employ these techniques successfully?The answers to these questions are a categorical yes but unfortunately obtaining tried and tested practical understanding and straight forward techniques to exploit the opportunities in the digital space are extremely difficult and not relevant to day to day business needs.Our Online Marketing Topic will teach you on how to attract right prospects for business on the basis of Buyers Persona, Buyers Journey based on the Key Performance Indicators and Return of Investment Factor.

The Curriculum covers almost all of the digital marketing elements such as Digital Marketing Strategy & Channels|Web Design Methodologies & Hosting|Search Engine Optimization (SEO)|Google My Business – Dominating Local SEO|Google Webmasters & Analytics|Pay Per Click (PPC)|Search Engine Marketing (SEM)|Social Media Optimization (SMO)|Social Media Marketing (SMM).

Digital Marketting Courses

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